Sleeping Around

Are you one of those girls who simply can’t resist men? I will have to hold my hands up and say that I can’t resist men. Even when I am not working for cheap London escorts, I am always flirting and trying to chat up men. It is like a challenge to me, and like many of the other girls at cheap London escorts, I get a kick out of being around men. I have always been a bit of a flirt, and will admit to flirting with men has more or less become a sport for me – an addiction which I simply can’t give up.

My habit of flirting and chatting up men is normally not a problem. However, it can become a problem when I start sleeping with them. Having multiple sexual partners at one time can be a real slippery slope. I am not worried about protection. That is something I know is a must. But, I do worry about getting the habits and various pleasures of my partners mixed up. Most of the London escorts I work say the same thing. Having many many partners can be dangerous.

When I am on duty with London escorts, I always keep very detailed notes of what my dates enjoy. But, once I am not at London escorts, my well thought out system goes to pot. I never seem to remember if I should be wearing stockings and suspenders, or go for the sportier look with just bra and knickers. Both are very popular, but it can be hard to get it right. At least when I am with cheap London escorts I can rely on my little black diary.

The other thing is their names. I have lost count of how many times I have called out the wrong name in a moment of pleasure. When a guy comes from my the door to my London escorts boudoir, I always make a mental note of his name. Sometimes in my private life, I recognise a face but can’t remember his name. It can become rather embarrassing at times, and I have come up with all sorts of silly excuses. The truth is that I like the variety and this is why I end up with many different lovers.

Should I stop? I wish that I could stop. The thing is that most men I meet have qualities which I admire. When I am with one of my men, I keep thinking about what the other guys have to offer. It is silly, but I should not really have so many different lovers but at times I feel that I am insatiable. You would have thought that I may have got enough of men at London escorts. Well, some of the girls probably do, but I have to admit I am not one of those girls. I love my men, and personally I don’t think I am one of those cheap London escorts who will ever be able to settle down with only one lover and partner.

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