One Man’S Sexual Escapades With His Sister-In-Law

After graduating from college, Dan went to live in the city with his elder brother Eric so that he could look for job. The first months of Dan’s life in the city were not as interesting as he had thought they would be. After applying at nearly all the local businesses he decided to remain at home waiting for someone to call him for an interview. This meant he was home along with his brother’s wife Alice all day while Eric was at work.

One day, she pretended that she was drowning in the swimming pool that was at the house, so Dan came to try and save her. He jumped into the pool and pulled her out. Then he started pushing her chest so that she could vomit up the water he assumed she swallowed. When he was blowing some air into her mouth, he had the opportunity to touch her sensual lips with his. That was the explosive moment that his dick erected, and his heart began to pump faster. When the lips touched, Alice pretended that she had regained consciousness and followed suit to give him a deep French kiss. This made Dan lose control and kiss her too. From there, he found himself carrying her to the sitting room. Once inside the house, he shut the door with a kick, while she practically tore his trousers to expose the anaconda dick that was fighting for freedom. Dan penetrated her hard while she moaned saying that she had been in need for good dick for such a long time. She was panting like a lioness while she took the command and jumped on top like a cowgirl, riding his dick without mercy. Alice climaxed over and over again, taking full advantage of this opportunity. She wanted to get as much pleasure and she could from Dan and his huge cock.

After a wonderful fuck, the two lay on the couch kissing while promising each other that they would never to do it again, even though they knew they might not keep that promise if they had the chance to be alone again. They also swore to each other that they would go to the grave with their dirty yet sweet moment of their lives! For Dan, Alice was like an escort sent from heaven!

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